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Everything is love. A Junichi Okada community
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This community is dedicated to Okada Junichi, the youngest member of the J.E. band V6. Junichi Okada is born on the November 18, 1980 in Osaka. He entered in J.Ent in 1995 and sang in V6, Coming century, J-friends, Otona century, MiMycen. Know more about him..

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- Junichi or/and V6 have to figure in every post - Post everything you want about them, just, please, if you can avoid fanfictions & co. - Don't hesitate to join, some post could be locked only for members. - Lj-cut for large or too many pics are welcome. Screencaps when you post videos too. - Write mostly in english with a correct typo please. - Promote the community with the graphics stuffs under. - Credits your ressources when you post - ENJOY !

Okada Junichi

Junichi Okada ( 岡田 准一) (born November 18, 1980) is a member of Japanese boy band V6 , which is under the management of Johnny & Associates . He joined Johnny & Associates at the age of 14.

Read complete Junichi's profile, wrote by hhnd_2002

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